Headquarters Chess club of friends in Vin


Chess club of Friends is one of the most fun chess clubs in the country.

It is located at Vin Date center, Hverfisgata 47 in Reykjavík. The purpose of the association is to promote chess life among people with mental disorders, in collaboration with shelters, residential centers, psychiatric wards, associations and individuals. The club strives to operate in the spirit of the chess movement’s motto: Gens una sumus / We are one family.

Everyone is welcome to Chess club of friends.

On Mondays, members of the Chess club of friends go to the Community center Aflagrandi 40 and play chess with the guests of the house. Members also have chess exercises at the Role center on Tuesdays and at Vin Date center on Wednesdays. The club has hosted popular blitz tournaments in Vin, monthly or every other month. The club maintains a Facebook page that is only for members of the Friends Chess Club.

There, members can follow news of chess tournaments and events organized by the club. Members can also chat and ask questions about the club.

Links to join the club: Vinaskákfélagið (Spjall, fréttir og skákmót) | Facebook

Those who want to join the club can do so below.

We on the board will then complete the registration with the Icelandic Chess Federation for you.

Greetings to the Board of the Chess club of Friends.